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BookSpot - Helpful Tips

Getting back to BookSpot:
BookSpot is designed to help you identify and visit the best book-related sites on the Web. It's easy to make one great find after another. It's also easy to get completely lost! How do you easily get back to BookSpot? Try the three tips below.

Tip #1: Bookmark the site.
For future reference, bookmark BookSpot.

From Netscape Navigator:
1. While at BookSpot, select "bookmarks" on the menu bar on the top of your screen.
2. Select "Add bookmark."
3. You can now easily jump to BookSpot at any time by selecting "BookSpot" from the Bookmarks menu.

From Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. While at BookSpot, select "Favorites" from the menu bar on the top of your screen.
2. Select "Add to Favorites."
3. You can now easily jump to BookSpot at any time by selecting "BookSpot" from the Bookmarks menu.

Tip #2: Look under your "Go" menu.
Most browsers keep a record of where you've been. To easily jump back to a previously visited site, select "Go" on your menu bar. Look for BookSpot. If you don't see it there, try the next tip.

Tip #3: When all else fails, type in ""
You can always type "" into your location box (where it says "Address:","Netsite:" or "URL:") to easily return to BookSpot.

What's Where:
BookSpot is organized into intuitive categories for easy navigation. From our front page, you'll find:

Navigation Bar:
On the left side of every page, a navigation bar offers easy access to the primary content categories of the site.

What to Read:
Features the best sites for book reviews, reading lists, children's books and electronic books.

Where to Buy:
Provides a gateway to top online booksellers for new, used and rare books.

Behind the Books:
Highlights hand-picked sites for author and publisher information, books news and events.

Must-See Sites:
A shortlist showcases the best of the best sites for the book category.

Biblio File:
"How-to" articles put valuable Internet resources into the context of topics such as starting your own reading group.

Insightful features:
On the right side of the page, thought-provoking editorial highlights individuals and organizations making a difference.

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