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Start your own book club

If you're interested in starting your own reading group, the Web offers some great resources to get the ball rolling for young and old readers.

Why not peek into the activities of other book clubs? You may not be able to join, but you can get some great ideas for your own group. Mostly, We Eat is the Web site of a group of friends who decided to post not only the books they discuss, but the food they make to accompany their discussions and web resources for discussion purposes. The Online Reading Club is an international gathering of about thirty people from five different countries who read a piece of world literature every two weeks and send their reviews on it to each other via email.

Interested in getting younger readers into a book-related club or activity? The Heineman Library in the UK hosts a Swap Shop where teachers and parents share ideas for book activities. ParentSoup provides tips and a recommended reading list for starting a parent/child book group and family book groups. Once you've got the kids reading, the H-P Digital Book Club page offers some fun book-related activities and tips.

And you can always go with what Oprah's reading. Get the latest information and a list of previous picks from BookPage.

Have other ideas on starting a book club? Send them to BookSpot and we'll add them to the file!

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